Using doubly linked lists in PHP

Doubly linked list allows list of nodes linked in both directions. Doubly linked lists allows storing of nodes and other data operations easy. PHP offers a special class SplDoublyLinkedList for handling doubly linked lists. Creating doubly linked lists New doubly linked list is created by invoking constructor of Special doubly linked list class

¬†Adding …


Creating, selecting and deleting database in mysql in command line

Open the command line and type the following to login to MySQL server

After you login to the MySQL server just use the following command to create a database

This will create the database provided the logged in user in MySQL has necessary privileges for creating the database Once you created the database …


Count soical shares as votes in plligg

Pligg is a great source for social bookmarking. One of the ways it makes stories published is by the votes of the readers to shared links. However these days importance of social bookmarking sites has gone down. It happened mostly because of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. These social networking sites are …


What are Vedas?

It is considered that Vedas are the sacred texts for Hindus. It is also considered people who believe in Vedas must be called Hindus. I believe these are the thoughts came out from the followers of mono-thesis religions. Mono-thesis religions are the ones which follow the structure of One God->One prophet-> One holy book and …